5 Best A4 Size Papers In India


  • Paper is necessary for every sector. Everything has a paper built to it.
  • Paper is made from tree starch.


  • To make paper notes for currency.
  • Paper currency bills have paper as their medium.
  • Wallpapers for paintings have a prestigious role of writing in them.
  • Most education purpose notes or textbook has an article in them.




  • JK is one of the most prestigious brands dealing with A4 Size sheets.
  • It comes with a poly wrap package on the front.
  • JK provides a 75 GSM quality paper sheet.
  • The paper is made from high-quality wood starch.
  • It is available in different types of packages creating from 1000 sheets to 10000 worksheets.
  • It is perfect for photocopy and print base medium.
  • It has a color lock technology
  • The color look technology helps it to work fluently.
  • COLOR LOCK technology dries the ink fast as compared to others in the same range.
  • Due to its black borderless technology, it is suitable for office use and school use as well.
  • It also supports color dock, which means that it is ideal for color printing as well.
  • It is trusted and is sustainable to the environment.
  • It is available for 250 rupees for 500 sheets, which means that every layer has a 50 paise cost.

AmazonBasics 70 GSM A4 Multi-purpose

  • Amazonbasics is a sub-brand from Amazon global and has provided us with every household material.
  • Amazon basics India is now targeting the stationery market, particularly for upper case of stationery such as paper pen and pencil.
  • Amazon basics are famous for its out-of-the-box design and crafted material that they use.
  • Many companies consider Amazonbasics due to its affordable price and technical support.
  • The various office chooses Amazon basics due to their bike deal that is available at a very affordable price.
  • Amazon provides us with a 70gsm 50 rim paper sheet bundle.
  • Due to 70 GSM, the paper is of good quality and can support color and black and white printing.
  • The size of the product is A4, which is suitable for every printer.
  • Amazonbasics 70 GSM paper is also suitable for inkjet and laser printing machines.
  • Amazon’s basic article is brighter than any other in this category, which will provide a deep and contrast printing.
  • It does not come with color lock technology, which makes it a little downgrade compared to JK paper company.
  • It is price under a range of 200 rupees for 500 sheets, and if you consider a bundle, you can get various affordable deals.

BILT Copy Power Paper

  • ¬†BILT is one of the most famous companies dealing with stationery products and semi-products.
  • It has a premium build quality and is made from premium quality wood starch
  • It is on the higher cost-efficient value, but the outcome is premium.
  • It is available in three variables, including 75gsm, 100gsm, and 200 GSM.
  • The product has a white tone finish, which means that it is suitable for artistic uses.
  • It is also ideal for oil pastel as it can dry fast on the paper.
  • It is also ideal for watercolor was as the article has high GSM quality, which will not ruin the people under low intense have water.
  • The belt is available in three different materials and sub-brands.
  • Bilt paper used in the various paper industry or legal offices.
  • Under some research, it is one of the most trusted brands for people’s supplies.
  • Due to BILT’s high-quality paper premium finish, it is not suitable for students and study usage.
  • Due to high-quality paper.net suitable for calligraphy technique as well.
  • It is priced on the higher and its technology, which is also available in JK paper company.
  • The color of the product also comes with a black tone finish, which means that black color will settle down more rapidly and showcase bright and crispy colors without gradient.
  • It is suitable for office usage due to the high-quality material and premium print quality.
  • Bilt paper is ideal for any printer because of its A4 size.


  • ¬†Classmate is an Indian origin brand from ITC Limited.
  • Classmate revises a premium quality paper with high-quality wood starch, which has minerals installed in them.
  • Classmate also provides a bundle pack which is actually on the higher end as compared to affordability.
  • Transparent paper costs around 1 rupee for one sheet.
  • It is available in various compartments and sizes, but most of them are available in A4.
  • The paper has a quality of 90 GSM.
  • It also comes with a variance of 75 GSM to 300 GSM.
  • Classmates also provide us with color lock technology, which can dry up high-intensity colors.
  • It also comes with drip technology, which can help to work with any printer, whether it’s a laser printer or inkjet printer.
  • Due to its in clock technology or technology, it is more suitable for artistic usage.
  • Students use Classmate due to high-quality paper, and it also provides us with waterproof ink support.
  • Classmate is also used by many artists, due to its smudge-free texture.
  • Classmates also offer us with anti-wrinkle technology, which helps people to stay straight and crisp.
  • Many offices do not consider classmates due to their price and unavailability.
  • Overall it is a decent product for school projects but not office usage.
  • It has a rate of under the category of 45 INR to 300 INR.

Full Colors 210 GSM A4 210x297mm

  • It has specially crafted for photographic printing.
  • It has a GSM unit of 210, which is a high-grade paper generally used for colored printing.
  • It is on the higher end and is available on Amazon at 1600 INR for 160 sheets, making them for 100 INR for one unit.

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