7 Of The Best Speakers For Djing To Buy

Bose F1

Boss is a well-known brand known for its high powered music and its accessories. They have high-quality stereo sound with a low-frequency output. F1 is a high-quality stereo sound speaker that has been used by various professional DJs and music composers for their concerts. The user’s system start technology, which makes your sound output brilliant and out of the box.

Not only this, but they are also used by amplifier design that provides us with higher output speed and frequency. It also comes with two input and output channels with output sockets for your DJ console and various other musical accessories.

The design follows an all-black and grey finish with a matt carbonated fibre on the top. They also use a blue icon with a close up when you start the speaker. Overall it is a decent purchase according to its price that produces high-quality music and has a power output of 1000 watts.

JBL Professional EON612

You may have seen this speaker being used everywhere because it is cheap and has a high-quality sound trusted by millions of musicians and performers. The speaker offers a waveguide technology, which is a patented technology by JBL. This is of the best speaker brands.

The design has a minimalistic approach with a dual feature functionality, making it easier to use in portrait mode or landscape mode. JBL EON also follows a honeycomb design pattern famous for its premium finish and matt texture over its top edge. It also supports various power output and power cords systems, making it ready to use with your console.

Professional DJ also uses JBL, and due to its Bluetooth integration technology, which is connectable while keeping at a distance.

This speaker comes with multiple setup configurations, which can be used easily with any DJ console. The design is premium and has a dual combination XLR. It also comes with four handles, which isis helpful when you lift it.

It also comes with a waveguide technology that outputs a 1000 watt power amplifier. Overall this speaker has four modes, including a monitor and speech mode. Its sound quality crisp due to its 12-inch woofer design.

JBL EON is one of the most bot speakers you can get, and they also provide you with a one-year warranty.

Yamaha DBR10

Yamaha provides us with X tuning sound surrounding and comes with a dual speaker segment. The design follows a minimalistic approach with a rectangular theme, and they also provide us with various sockets and signal outputs.

The design has a premium finish, and they have used a high-quality material over to its front end, which feels like a steel body. The grill on the front does not feel premium as compared to others on this list. This design is unique as compared to others.

They also have a contour optimisation feature, one of the best features that a DJ speaker can offer. It also has a separate input for various musical instruments, media players, and mixes. They also come with compact surroundings, but they work great when it comes to higher pitch sound.

Some other speakers you should try.

  • QSC K10
  • Mackie SRM650
  • Rockville RPG122K
  • Behringer Eurolive


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