Clothing Made in USA and Canada — A List Of Sale Items


Ponytail general is offering a great sale up to 80% on their modern style apparel.

  • Green start floral jumpsuit
  • Yale inspired tee
  • Bruce lee graphic tee
  • Montana beach tee
  • Layer shorts


Vestis is offering a great sale of up to 70% on their day to day wear apparel.

  • Items on sale
  • Vestis x sock hops navy custom Japanese flora.
  • vacation polo in white terry
  • black olive

Hannes and Mauritz

HM is one of the biggest clothing franchise in the globe and deals with trendy designs. HM is offering a grand sale on its product in the USA market through its online shopping portal.

  • Flutter sleeve top
  • fine knit sweater
  • A-line skirt
  • V neck blouse
  • Embriodded patterned blouse
  • Ribbed dress
  • Hooded jacket
  • Cotton utility dress
  • MAMA blouse with lace
  • Wide belted pants
  • Mountain set


Macy’s is a mid-range clothing brand, which makes trendy clothes for toddlers to old age.

  • Alfani sleeveless scoop-top
  • chiffon ruffled
  • Gingham roll tab
  • women single top
  • VR crop top
  • macys short length shorts
  • blue craft washable tee
  • INC pull-on shorts
  • crochet trim bell tee
  • ocelot leopard swimsuit
  • INC floral swimsuit
  • Cuffed chino pants

6 pm

6 pm is an all in one franchise dealing with clothing, shoes, and many other household products. They make trendy western clothing, which is of good quality. You can get up to an 8% discount on there modish merch.

  • Solid pique polo shirt
  • Simon b
  • beige tee
  • Stripped button sleeveless dress
  • Alice deep neck sweater
  • diamond sleeve top
  • pull-on shorts
  • black shiver one piece
  • floral party short dress
  • one on one pink tour tee
  • ginger green tee
  • blue floral tee
  • 6 pm black grey shorts


Forever 21 is a young, clothe producing brand. They make some trendy modern designs. Forever 21 is available through there online shopping website.

  • Denim pleated shorts
  • Denim stiched tee
  • Plus size mini short
  • Floral print mini dress
  • Cutout tube bodysuit
  • Smoked hop shorts
  • Floral crochet shorts
  • sweetheart puff swimsuit
  • drawstring top
  • ribbed puff sleeve top
  • plus strong swimsuit
  • crochet swimsuit
  • leopard print swimsuit
  • jaguar print slippers
  • Patrick graphic tee
  • tropical print cropped cami
  • tropical swimsuit
  • dark yellow jumpsuit
  • purple beige tee
  • Tumblr printed tee
  • office suit white
  • dune Strix deep-set
  • grey business suit
  • visuals strip set


Pretty little things is a small scale cloth manufacturer, which is dealing with low price budget clothing.

  • PLT mini skirt set
  • PLT crop tee
  • yellow star floral shirt for men
  • yellow star floral shirt for women
  • green floral tee
  • graphic GeForce tee for men
  • floral meteor start-finish tee
  • red boxer shorts
  • green boxer shorts
  • red shiny dot printed tee


Simons is a large clothing franchise that is famous for everyday to party wears since 1840. Their products are made in Canada and are on sale up to 50%.

  • simons dry face tee
  • techno knit dress
  • flora and fauna tee
  • cutout slit dresses
  • finely ribbed neck dress
  • Simon natural pink dress
  • layer top skit dress
  • medic tour set
  • crimson black layer pants
  • Simon hotpants
  • Simon green long pants
  • Simon red Strix hotpants
  • Simon detour set for men
  • blue and white office set
  • black and red office set
  • natural dark floral set
  • navy blue deep-diving graphic tee
  • layer office set
  • coral denim jumpsuit
  • diagonal seam tie
  • emerald green dress


ASOS Canada is a large clothing franchise taking over the clothing market with there trendy summer dresses.

  • ASOS France graphic tee
  • ASOS office suit
  • ASOS brown tee and jeans
  • ASOS tinted bra
  • ASOS pink chevvy bra set
  • ASOS dice graphic tee
  • ASOS cobbler tee
  • ASOS casual shorts
  • ASOS grey shorts
  • ASOS sharp black hot pants
  • ASOS cream jumpsuit
  • bright beige tee set
  • jasmine pink jumpsuit
  • ASOS hotpants
  • ASOS pink hotpants

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