Air fresheners are used everywhere nowadays, including homes and offices. Air fresheners can be of many types, including car air fresheners, odor neutralizers, and fragrance wall fresheners. Air fresheners became a trend from 2018 as the industry has a growth of 70% from the last.

Air fresheners have a sense of royalty to them and are a symbol of class in today’s world. Everyone loves a decent smelling space as it can cheer up your mood. Air fresheners come in different varieties and styles.

There are some basic to some key features that an air freshener can provide.

Biophilia is a factor that helps or changes the human mood by the sense of nature and its smell. Biophilia tells us that mood is one of the best ways to do its work fast and more productive. Architects often design spaces with green space or with a view that provides a better green space view. Most offices have an essence of nature to them, which is to reduce the stress of them.

Air fresheners are often used due to its mood creating elements. They are used to clear the environment with a decent smell and sense. Our mind reacts very quickly when it smells or feels anything.

Air fresheners are used in bathrooms to create a peaceful smelly space. Having a scented space can light up your mood daily as compared to an unscented environment. Kitchens can create some messy smells which can ruin your mood even to eat your cooked food. Odor cleanser is best suited in kitchen spaces, which will help us to polish the volume.

Car fresheners are one of the biggest turnons to the air fresheners market as they contribute more than 50% to this industry. Car fresheners are used due to the unpleasant smell that comes if you park your car in direct sunlight. Even if its a one crore rupee car or if its two lac rupee car an air freshener in your car is a must. It can cheer your mood up and give your vehicle a pleasant smell from inside.

Some air fresheners in the market can often free up the environment with germs; many air fresheners in the market can provide both the smell and the cleansing. Brands such as Philips offer a decent quality product with minimal price.

Air fresheners not only come as a standalone product but also comes with a part of a product. Products such as Air conditioners often have inbuilt air freshers, which provide a satisfactory smell with the air.

Under a survey by an organization, it examined that 80% of people give right answers due to a pleasant smell, which tells us that smell helps a person to think more accurately than others. In another survey, they experienced that toddlers cry less as the mind senses a cheerful fragrance due to air fresheners’ usage. On another examination, they tell us that people gain confidence if they are in a pleasant smelling area.

Air purifiers can be used in many public areas as they will disinfect the space by killing all the germs. They are often used with an air freshener, which cleans and makes the room feel good.

Air purifiers create a massive impact in the shopping industry as people’s moods should be cheerful if one is shopping.

Air purifiers can often help in marketing as the smell makes a noticeable impact on the person. Air fresheners often make the food more delicious as compared. Air fresheners thus play a crucial role in the economy and mood of a person.

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